Automotive Sector

We process quality quilting in many areas according to your wishes. The quality of our quilts, which change color, pattern and pattern, is always
highest level and suitable for many areas. With its elegance as well as its quality the fact that it is always fashionable draws attention in the area where it is used. Robustness quilts that offer long-term use in terms of many may come across in the field. From the furniture industry to textiles, from textiles to automotive
There is a way to extend. An eye-catching in the automotive industry It can provide elegance and ease of use. Need such as car cover, car upholstery. Call us to get information about quilting, which is a type suitable for use in appropriate cases.


Usage Area

Quilting is applied with patterns using filling material between two fabrics. It is an art that is processed. Our experienced colleagues and always with technology Quilting quality with our understanding of business that we have absorbed with appropriate developments we offer in many areas.
_Elka Kapitone

Seat Cover

Seat Cover