_ Elka Kapitone


As a company, we carry out the sales and supply processes of many quality fabrics within our organization. From the clothes you will use during the day to the products that will add elegance to your home, in many areas We offer you fabrics with different quality, processing and opportunities in every business and field. This is our factory that does quilting as well as products such as fabric, lining and fiber. It uses it by supplying products of different qualities in the sector. Recently textile developments and innovations in the sector and in raw material and various fabric processes it has caused a change. Our quilting varieties with our expert staff in one size and it has started to be produced with different designs and different models. In quilting production, if the customer supplies his own fabric, contract work is done. However, ready-made quilting can be produced by using its own fabrics and materials within our company.Every production with different fabrics and different designs is special. Customer satisfaction is our feedback showing the quality of our success.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company…


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