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Fibers, which are indispensable elements of the textile industry, It stands out with its warmth and elegance to the quilting.Elka is a company that performs fiber quilting service in the best way. Established many years ago and since its establishment, we have always taking into account the production without sacrificing quality. Customer satisfaction in the light of its principles in all the works it continues It has proven its success by keeping it at the forefront. One of the common raw materials used in textile is fiber. In our company;
  • Normal Fiber,
  • Silicone Fiber,
  • Ironed Fiber,
  • Ironed Silicone Fiber,
  • Ironed Black Fiber,
  • Micro Fiber.
Fiber, whose weight varies according to various usage areas, is adjusted according to customer preferences. It is known as the raw material of the weaving industry, but can be used as a raw material. It is also processed as direct material in many areas. Its types and areas of use are also constantly changing. The best quality products on the way we have drawn with the wishes of our customers, We offer the most attractive prices.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company ...


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