_ Elka Kapitone


Our wide range of products designed with lining in accordance with fashion and new trends. We serve the entire textile industry with a new in the textile industry. Our company, which brings understanding, it manufactures with varieties such as quilting, fabric, fiber and lining by paying attention to the details. Our products used in all sectors and fields are in polyester taffeta,it is presented to consumption as satin lining, mixed lining, micro, printed and jacquard. Our quilted models, which are processed with different types of lining; keeping warm in coats and coats, it captures a stylish and beautiful look.Since 1992, our lining variety is our wide product range and We serve you with our understanding based on customer satisfaction. Quilted lining products, following professional ways for variety and elegance, We guarantee you a service that you will be completely satisfied with. You, our customers We offer all kinds of color and weight primers for you by drawing our way with your demands. We serve in the textile industry with our options that are suitable for traditions or the latest fashion.
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