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Quilting; filling materials such as fiber, interlining, cotton under the fabric processing in shapes and patterns using their quilting
It is the name given to be produced and combined using a machine. It is a fabric and a product sewn in this way.

These valuable works that attract attention with different shapes and styles of change. It can be sewn in many patterns such as plain sewing, square and diamond.

It can offer a modern and stylish look with change sewing models.It can be used in upholstery fabrics or clothing. In different fields quilting available for use; sewing outer fabric and inner lining of coats. It can also be used as a lining in the production of trousers, sweaters and vests. Household products the quilted fabric used in it; It can be used in bed linens, covers, quilts or pillows.

The motto of producing quality products from many years ago to this time Our pioneering company Elka Kapitone has adopted the power of technology and innovation. believes that it also maintains the power of tradition.From all region to here, from the past to the present, we use all the historic and cultural patterns, motifs and quilts in our products. However, with the power of its developing technology, we also offer the production of new and trendy designs in the highest quality.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company…


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