Textile Sector

Quilting patterns are designed and produced according to their usage areas. Desired patterns, taking into account the area to be used It is processed with labor and presented to you. In many areas of our lives accompanying quilting is frequently used in the textile industry. It has always kept up with the fashion in the textile industry with its durability and elegance that it adds to products.
It is used more in winter textiles with its warm feature. In the textile industry;
  • Coat
  • Bag
  • Shoes
Quilted textile with designs that offer durability and elegance in all areas in a popular place in the industry. Quilting in the textile industry Please call us if you want to use it.

Using Area

Quilting is applied with patterns using filling material between two fabrics. It is an art that is processed. Our experienced colleagues and always with technology Quilting quality with our understanding of business that we have absorbed with appropriate developments we offer in many areas.
_Elka Kapitone

Clothing Usage Patterns


Accessory Products