By placing fiber-like fillings between two fabrics, processing and sewing The resulting product is called quilted. Quilted fabric is generally strength and thickness Used in jobs that require. With this method, the automotive industry, the textile industry and offers product service to the furniture industry.
In the Furniture Industry; seat cover and sasndalye It adds elegance to furniture items such as. Home textiles; you can actually see it in many places in your homes. Room items such as pillows, quilts, items that require roll feeding and it can appear in curtains. In the Textile Sector; quilted warmth and is known for its robustness. It is frequently used in outerwear such as coats, bags and shoes. In the Automotive Sector; It is produced to add elegance to your vehicle in car upholstery and covers.
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As, Elka Kapitone, we produce quilting. We are not produce fabric, lining and fiber. We are handle fabric, lining and fiber and mixed with the quilting We serve you with our choice of quality raw materials.
Our company, which was established in 1992, has been offering you the most aims to offer quality quilting service in many sectors. Our company, which determines customer requests as its own way, is experienced working with colleagues to bring out the best production.