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As Elka Kapitone company, Mikro Fabrics, which are among the fabrics we use in order to meet the demands of our customers in the best way, can be used in many areas from clothing to home textiles. It contains more fibers than yarn, and Micro Fabric, which we can describe as soft and full, is frequently used in coat lining and raincoats. It is frequently used in the textile industry with its color, color varieties and texture. It has a stain-free structure and fast water absorption, and has become a sought-after material in other sectors with its eye-pleasing color and ease of use.

With its unique durability and beauty, its range from clothes to car seats is offered to you by Elka Kapitone in its best quality. Our company always uses the latest technologies to serve you in the Quilting Fabric service. Micro fabric is offered in quilted form in many sectors upon your request. Please call us first for detailed information.


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