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With Suede Fabrics selected with Elka Kapitone quality, we provide services in accordance with the requests of our customers. Suede is a type obtained by sanding animal skin. It has a more affordable price range than other leather types. This type of fullness is important, which looks very stylish and looks even more stylish when used in quilting style embroidery. It requires special care like itself, regardless of whether it is hot or cold. It is a delicate fabric type, besides its elegance, attention should be paid. Its natural and stylish appearance has also expanded its usage area. It is a fabric that speaks of its elegance from textile to automotive sector. It has a solid structure and appeals to all styles. It is mostly preferred in the furniture sector such as upholstery and seat coating. We are pleased to show our work with the latest technology machines and various patterns, together with the production of Quilting, with Suet Fabric, keeping in mind the best way to meet the demands of our customers. Please call us for detailed information and requests.


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