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Production of vegetable and animal raw materials found naturally in nature, mainly textile. It is a product that is frequently used in almost every field. It is often used to be natural. In this sense, it is widely used in the clothing industry. As a company, we use fiber in many of our products in the textile industry because it is natural. Being both useful and natural attracts us to use it frequently in our production.Our service experience spanning a long time is above the standards in the textile industry as well. offers service. We bring you the products we produce with high technologies by developing with traditional models and modern models. At the beginning of these works, such as cotton, linen, silk we serve with completely creative designs by processing natural materials in a completely natural way. We present our best quality natural fiber models by presenting all our approach styles together.
Our Black Fiber Production

Our fiber models, as listed above, are designed with different models, thin, thin, patterned. It is processed and put into service on the basis of both herbal and animal substances. Our black fiber model is a model that is frequently produced in clothing. Especially silk It is inspired by raw materials such as linen, rubber, bamboo wood, angora goat and much more. In the clothing sector, completely knitted dress models are sewn and these are prepared with patterns completely in accordance with the contemporary fashion. Of course, we present traditional style with contemporary clothing and present you with a brand new clothing design. As a company, we always offer you the best quality in the shortest time.

Our Patterns & Colors

Because the extremely rare Black Fiber is produced from natural fibers,it requires a valuable workmanship. Put forward as a result
makes its presence felt with completely elegant, precious and unique models in all models. 
The patterns we have produced as Elka from yesterday to this day are as follows;

Our patterns with diamond motifs; triangle motifs known as “Baklava” . It is used quite frequently by our clothing industry. It is one of our most traditional patterns.

Our floral motifs such as flowers, branches and leaves are our frequently preferred motifs. maintains its place among. In this sense, it is extremely stylish and traditional we continue to produce with designs.

As Elka Kapitone; quality raw materials, attentive and experienced workmanship it is our greatest principle to present it in a fast and error-free way in line with your wishes. We reflect our innovative and technological understanding to our designs by absorbing it with our traditions.
We have confidence in every job we put forward and we show our success with your satisfaction.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company...


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