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Our company started its service in 1992 and serves you with quilted lining as well as quilted fabric production. Micro linings are offered in a wide range of colors and colors to meet your many needs. Our firm, confident with its style and quality, meets your requests by processing our professional staff and quality raw material selections with advanced technology machines.

When you need a micro lining, we offer you high quality and affordable prices. Micro lining, which you may encounter in many parts of your life, provides customer satisfaction with its quality without leaving a second option with different colors and varieties in the textile or clothing sector suitable for every place and every need. Micro linings are long-lasting and comfortable, preventing the contact of the fabric on the body and providing a tight and clean appearance to the clothes.

As a leading company with economical prices and extremely high quality raw materials, our company, which provides the fastest return to your requests, works for you.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company...


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