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Contract Manufacturing

Fast productions for you when we need to return to your requests in a short time. In order to be able to do it, we make the desired operations on our customers’ own fabrics as outsourcing. In this process, the fabrics are brought to us by you, our customers. The processes to be made on the basis of the requests are prepared by our company in the best quality and delivered to you quickly. We have been providing quality service to you for many years without a break. Among the pioneering and leading companies in the sector by marketing quilted products Our company, which takes place, works without sacrificing quality and disciplined operation. By valuing innovations, we produce all kinds of fabrics in the desired pattern with state-of-the-art machines and we provide return to every special order.We produce 10.000 meters of flawless quality quilts a day. In addition to the sale of our ready-made quilts, contract manufacturing, normal we embroider what you have in mind on the fabric with stitching, needlepoint, double needle, embroidery quilting, cross rail and full computer-based patterns.
In addition to the fiber as filling material, silicon fiber, ironed fiber, ironed We can use silicon fiber, black ironed silicon fiber and micro fiber. Pattern, sewing shape and filling material you want with lining and fabric variety We offer you trouble-free and high-quality service. Lining and fabric types We want to hear and produce your special orders in our sales.
Professional as one of the ambitious and big companies of the sector without shutting down our machines with our employees and expert designers we work with pleasure. Every year new patterns, techniques, stylish models and more useful, We are trying to produce longer-lasting products with innovations. We continue to work with all our strength to produce the product with its art without compromising its quality.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company…


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