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By using different filling materials such as fiber, interlining and cotton between two fabrics Quilted patterns produced are found in many parts of our lives. From home textiles to clothing, It is used in a wide range from shoes to bags. Pattern, place of use and Processing types may vary with customer requests. Embroidery quilting requires strength and thickness products come to mind first. It provides durability in products such as table and bed covers, armchairs, chairs, coats, vests and bags and stands out with a stylish appearance.In quilting manufacturing; embroidered quilting, horizontal patterns and full computer patterns By focusing on customer demands, it provides the highest quality production. Professional with a team and a highly motivated environment, as soon as possible to our affordable price policy We run a fast, convenient study. Quilted, which can be produced with most fabric types, It can be produced with specially designed patterns in quantities.Embroidered quilted products combining traditional patterns with trendy fashion. with the majority; It is used in home textile and ready-to-wear. 
The processing used on bags and shoes helps the products look elegant it can also be used for more durability and protection. Especially in the winter season, the quilted world brands are also attracts attention as a product included in its collections.

Our expert team that makes our raw material selection in accordance with high quality standards, with its clean and attentive workmanship, it delivers the product to you in the best way. Our management team, advancing with an innovative and open vision, it aims to benefit by using it at the highest level. The best way he does his job the path of our staff aiming to offer, from fabric to quilting, from lining to fiber it delivers all kinds of orders that come to mind as soon as possible.


Examine in detail our patterns made by specialists special to our company…


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