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Quilting; filling materials such as fiber, interlining, cotton under the fabric Processing in shapes and patterns using their quilting It is the name given to be produced and combined using a machine. It is a fabric and a product sewn in this way.

How Do We Manufacture Quilting?

Our product range with our experienced staff who have known their business for a long time always achieves success based on customer satisfaction. Our product range only We satisfy our customers by offering the quality and workmanship of the processed product at high standards. We can use our diversity according to the needs and wishes of our customers and we always produce the desired products at the highest quality. By placing fibers between two fabrics, we give shape and pattern with our multi-needle high technology machines. We process the products that we carefully designed with computer software, paying attention to every detail. We can process any product from fabric to lining, from lining to fiber. With our machines, we can produce much more pattern processing in most types.

Quilting Types

Our products are produced as stitched quilted with various lining and fabrics. It can be done using many filling materials. Patterns; diamond, square, It can be processed with many more varieties such as rectangular, triangle, star. The inner filling can be increased according to the pattern and shape to be made. We make all our products with needle quilting machines.

Where Is Quilting Used?

It was firstly used in products used for warming purposes such as quilted coats, coats and jackets, which stand out with their heating properties. Today, it has become available in many areas. If you look around carefully, you can see that it is actually used a lot.

Another area where it is used is the furniture sector. It is used in many areas including beds, bed headboards, armchairs, office chairs, chairs, and panels and doors for decoration purposes. It can be seen anywhere with its diversity and wide product range.

Quilts, which have an unlimited production in the clothing sector; It is with you in coats and all kinds of clothing. We may also encounter it frequently in our household items. It can be applied on products such as piques, tablecloths, mats, quilts and bedspreads. Another area of ​​use that can be made with the development of technology and has recently been preferred as fashion has extended to bags, shoes, furniture seat upholstery and automobile upholstery covers. 

We are ready to help with anything you can think of for manufacturing, design, sample and production. Please call us to answer any questions you may have about our products manufactured in accordance with International Quality Standards.


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